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Curtis Who!?

Who is Curtis D. Tucker, what's up with those cool sneakers and why should you care? Read onward..

I was a neck tie, dress shoe wearing advertising director that woke up one day and decided I wanted to become a full time cartoonist. That journey began in 1998.

In May of 1999 I had purchased my first domain name and decided to post my cartoons online hoping a publisher would see them and I would become a rich, world famous cartoonist.

Of course things never work out the way you think they will, but along your path serendipity throws you a bone that you never see coming.

I Got Googled

The bone that serendipity threw me was a tiny little search engine called Google. I don't even remember how I discovered it for the first time but I quickly gave up Alta Vista and become a Google convert.

Without even knowing it I had been building a huge link base with fellow cartoonists and webmasters wanting to use my cartoons online. Little did I know that the world famous Google "algo" was going to love me!

In an instant I was at the top of Google for pretty much every cartoon keyword. And before I knew it I was the "go to" guy online for cartoon logos worldwide! As my portfolio grew, so did my business.


Being the premiere cartoon logo studio allowed me to eventually quit my job and open my own creative studio.

My entrepreneurial company is called Shaggy Duck Studios and is made up of many smaller niche companies, web sites, blog's and directories, many of which are listed below.

I began working from home, mothballed the dress shoes and began wearing my trademark sneakers. I routinely work in a white tee, blue jeans or shorts and my sneakers. I call this my "Fresh Squeezed Lifestyle" and it has become my brand and the brand I am here to share with you.

This web site is a diary about me and my adventures. I hope it one day serves as a chronicle of my life for my daughters.

A Bit More About The Life Of Curtis D. Tucker

I am the Curtis Tucker from Enid, Oklahoma, just to set the record straight, I'm the guy that went to McKinley grade school, Waller Junior High, Enid High School, Northern Oklahoma College (I was part of the Markley Hall Crew), Oklahoma State University (Lived in the Yellow Party House) and Central State University.

I was born on December 20, 1962 at Brooke General Army Hospital at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. My parents are Tilford Neal Tucker and Elizabeth Ann Scaling. I had one older brother that died at birth named Darrel Wayne Tucker and I have one sister named Connie Eischens Hamilton Tucker-Smith.

I have been married to Denise Noel Appling Evans since July 24, 1998 and have two daughters. My oldest was born on March 15, 2002 and the youngest was born on September 5, 2003.

Things I remember as a kid:

1. Living in Turkey I remember frozen mini candy cars in the freezer, watching the Grinch cartoon at Christmas before a singing program, brick streets and my parents having friends over for beer and pizza.

2. Living in Burns Flat I remember catching turtles, the smell of honey suckle bushes and the moths they attracted, horny toads, my dad getting me Tootsie Roll Pops, having a fort in the bushes outside our house, going to bed while it was still light outside, living on a corner where the bus stopped, my parents listening to eight track tapes, my mom recording Elvis on a reel to reel tape, getting our pug dog named Mister, playing with GI Joes, swinging at Brian Farabe's house, getting my finger stuck in a Santa head shaped cup handle at school, playing in a small pool in the back yard.

3. Things about my family I remember are the smell of bananas in my grandma's kitchen, my great-grandma's pork chops and her strawberry garden, my dad playing catch with me, my mom bowling on Wednesday nights, watching B&W TV at my grandma's with a green clear sheet over it, my uncle Richard painting tiny models, my mom helping out at the Gaslight Theatre, my aunt Virginia's zodiac room, my uncle driving both a Gremlin AND a Pacer, my sister and I putting cold water on our eyes so we could stay awake watching Elvis movies on TV, Thanksgiving at my great-grandma's house and eating at the card table, my mom taking me to James Bond movies and Love Story.

4. Living in Enid I remember chasing tadpoles in Boggy Creek, raising white mice I bought from Woolco, getting a bike with a banana seat from OTASCO, riding Tri-State rides when they were on Broadway Ave., the flood of 1973, eating at Sandy's Restaurant, getting drinks with good ice at Somewhere, playing under the seats at the Gaslight when it was on Maple, riding the Bullet at Meadowlake, going to Vance on the 4th of July for a cookout and games, watching fireworks at Meadowlake, Nixon arriving at Vance, playing under the streets in the storm drains, watching movies at the drive-in, playing dodge ball at McKinley.

I've lived or stayed in San Antonio, TX - Turkey - Burns Flat, OK - Enid, OK - Tonkawa, OK - Stillwater, OK - Yorktown, TX - Edmond, OK - Midwest City, OK - Moore, OK.

People I haven't talked to in years would be Kevin Wilson, Eddie Trammel, Eric Wright, Steve Ropp, Randy Nightengale, Brenda Delcamp, Lisa Moore, Brian Engelking, David Engelking, Donnie Edwards, Kendall Thomas, Tod Caruthers and David Kent. If you've found this page please contact me.

I've been employed as a dishwasher (The Sage Room), fence builder (Jim Thorpe), roofer (GE Wheeler), car washer (Danny's Datsun), ice delivery driver (Sturdevant Ice), farmer/harvester (The McNaughton's), maintenance worker (Wilkinson Hall, Tonkawa), door assembly plant worker (Cuero, TX), maintenance worker (OSU Athletic Department), silk screen printer (Tom Bennett Manufacturing), graphic artist (Scrivner), Director of Advertising (Evans Drug), owner of my own businesses (Shaggy Duck Studios, Curtoons, ChuckleBerry's).

In my old age I've become a sneaker, wool sweater wearing Apple addict. I love to spend time creating new revenues of income from my cartoons, my web sites, blog's and my greeting cards. I've become known as That Sneaker Wearing Entrepreneurial Cartoonist Internet Guy. I work out of a studio in my house and spend part of my day toting my two daughters from one social event to another.

I treadmill and//or workout every day and have maintained my high school weight. I enjoy tennis and fumble through a bit of golf every now and then. I play a smidgen of guitar, collect pedal car stuff and love dreaming about surfing my days away.

In 2008 we attended or belonged to the First Presbyterian Church (I actually am still a member of the First United Methodist Church), Oakwood Country Club and the YMCA. Our girls have both attended Cimarron Montessori School and I was on the Board of Directors for 3 years.

As a family we have had a Maltese named Logan and a King Charles Spaniel named Berkley (we gave him away).

Things you might not know about me: I've been married before and had a stepson - took 5 years to graduate college - was a student in the first ever School of eCommerce in the country (had a 4.0 GPA) - graduated Junior College Cum Laude - have never seen a full episode of The Simpsons, Sex and the City, The Sopranos - have never seen The Sound of Music - my best friend since sixth grade is named is Stayton - have never given blood - won the KATT Calendar contest (Twice!) - have never broken a bone - had my appendix almost rupture as a teenager - have never been in jail - have no tattoos - I have never been fired - cannot do a back flip - got my license in my mom's Thunderbird which I had never driven before - had stitches due to sleding down a hill and running over glass - turned on a computer for the first time at age 25 - have not spoken to my dad since I was five or six - had a brother that died at birth - went to four different colleges - don't much care for cheese - I gave up drinking pop over 10 years ago - I do not like coffee and have never had a full cup in my life - have never tried hard drugs - pretty much lost my bangs at age 24...

More about me on the way. In the mean time read the Curt Blog to see what I've been up to lately.

This is pretty much me in 2008

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